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Hebei Qinghe County Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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∷ rubber seal
∷ Door and window seals
∷ Automotive seals
∷ Box / cabinet / cover seal
∷ Van seal
∷ Soft and hard decorative edge
∷ Car Train Ship Anti-collision Seal
∷ Other rubber products
∷ Spiral protective sleeve
∷ Automotive cable
∷ Injection, filter
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Hebei Qinghe County Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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company profiles

Hebei Qinghe County Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1990's. Qinghe is adjacent to Shandong, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, and National Highway 308. It passes through the city. North of it is the Qingyin Expressway. It has an excellent geographical location and broad development prospects. It is an ideal investment. , Cooperation, entrepreneurship. The company is engaged in the research and development and production of EPDM rubber, PVC rubber, and high-grade silicone. The company is a professional supplier of automotive doors and windows, wooden doors, sliding doors, plastic steel windows and other construction door and window machinery sealing tape manufacturers.
The company's existing staff of 120 people, including 15 senior engineering and technical personnel, has a set of research and production systems from rubber formula research, mold design and manufacturing, raw material finished product testing to finished product design and manufacturing. The products are favored by many customers in China Some products have gone abroad and received good comments from customers, strict management, and high-quality product quality has won the recognition of the international community, and has now passed ISO9001: 2000, QS9000 and VDA6 certification.

The company mainly produces various sealing strips, rubber sealing strips, automotive sealing strips, door and window sealing strips, various mechanical sealing strips, silicone sealing strips and so on. The company's product sealing products have been applied to various industries such as glass curtain wall decoration, automobiles, trains, airplanes, and shipbuilding. According to customer requirements, Tianyue has designed unique shock-absorbing and anti-collision strips, rubber water-stop strips, Door and window seals, door and window seals, seals, wooden door seals, glass beads, automotive seals, cold storage door seals, plastic strips, rubber strips, EPDM strips, glass strips, composite strips, doors Products such as sealing strips, with this as the center, the products include decorative sealing strips, interior decoration strips, spraying sealing strips, plastic steel door and window sealing strips, aluminum alloy energy-saving door and window sealing strips, door and window shock sealing strips, and rubber and plastic seals for building curtain walls. Strips, container door frame seals, refrigerated door seal strips, van door frame seal strips, cold storage door seal strips, door seals for refrigerators and freezers, automotive seals, automotive window guide groove seals, automotive lighting seal strips , Door glass chute strips, door sponge (foam) sealing strips, door glass water strips, automotive glass windshield strips, automobile door and window seals, train door and window seals, subways, Door and window seals for high-speed trains, marine door and window seals, marine rubber cover seals, submarine rubber seals, aircraft door and window seals, security door seals, automatic door bottom seals, mechanical seals, flame retardant seals Strips, self-adhesive seals for doors, door and window frame seals (with double-sided tape) E-type, P-type, D-type, O-type, V-type, U-type, J-type, L-type, general-purpose EPDM Foam flexible sealing strip, furniture sealing strip, cabinet door sponge rubber sealing strip, rubber and plastic (PVC) sealing strip, thermoplastic sealing strip, chlorosulfonated polyethylene sealing strip, silicone rubber sealing strip, polyurethane sealing strip, Fluoro rubber sealing strip, neoprene sealing strip, neoprene composite sealing strip, nitrile rubber (PVC) blended rubber and plastic sealing strip, nitrile foam sealing strip, highway, railway, bridge rubber expansion joint series, various rubbers Seal (pad) products.
We always adhere to the principle of technical service as the foundation, product quality as the core, standardized management as the means, and customer satisfaction as the goals. We adhere to the business philosophy of making refined products and creating international brands. brilliant!

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